Filter online threats off your network

Protects your network from harmful malware and infected websites. Thanks to our global security intelligence grid it’s rapid — your network gets protected even without any software installation or various configuration changes.

Who is the Whalebone user?

As the end device user, you gain from the network level protection. You browse safely. Any device connected to a Whalebone assigned network – meaning all pcs, laptops, tablets, mobiles, tvs are covered. If your fridge is connected to the internet, it’s protected as well.

Our customers are those who provide the internet to private or business users – internet service providers or basically anyone who administrates a company network for the end users, i.e. employees, visitors.

Zero Effort

The only thing you have to do is to configure your DNS forwarders and let your users browse safely. We take care of all the updates and policy tuning.

Rock Solid

We understand DNS is a crucial service for you business. We combine multiple datacenters and everything is clustered to achieve highest availability possible.


You always know what Threat Intelligence sources are being used to check your traffic and you are in full control of how are they used.


You don't have to install client software, that means Whalebone works with any device: computer, smartphone, tablet, printer or even the fridge.


(15.9.2016) Whalebone presenting as a special guest at the large series of conventions Kam kráčí telekomunikační sítě for Czech & Slovak Internet Providers.

We presented at 3 major events in Olomouc, Pilsen and Demanovska Dolina - counting 1300 visitors in total. There isn’t a better opportunity to meet Internet Providers in Central European area. Thank you for the warm feedback on spot! Looking forward to next events!

You can watch the video here (in Czech).

Kam kráčí sítě


(4.12.2015) Whalebone has just successfully completed a 3 months accelerator StarCube held by South-Moravian Innovation Centre – the very successful Czech innovation Hub.

We have been awarded by the country leading business newspaper – Hospodářské noviny. This is a very prestigeous achievement. The price has been given by the Editor-in-chief Milos Čermák after a stunning final StarCube presentation night in the Brno Exhibition centre StarCube Show.


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Richard Malovič


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Michal Karm

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Tomáš Kozel

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Petr Kopřiva

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Infrastructure independent

Based just and only on DNS resolving, Whalebone seamlessly filters the traffic you have to use anyway

Simply point your resolvers to our DNS infrastructure and whenever any user or machine in your network tries to reach an infected or fraudalent server, our resolver simply points him to webpage with a warning and explanation of what just happened. There is no software or hardware for you to manage and maintain.

Whalebone protection
Whalebone Threat Intelligence

Always up-to-date security solution

Whalebone continuously processes data feeds from all over the world to deliver most up-to-date security filter

There are lot of different feeds out there telling Whalebone that they identified suspicious behavior. We evaluate quality of those data and we adjust the settings accordingly without you having to investigate anything on your own. However, should you want to customize the settings on your own, you are free to do that.

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